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Wildlife Artists Desert Road Runner Plush
Wildlife Artists Desert Road Runner Plush
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Prairie Dog Stuffed Animals Prairie Dog Stuffed Animals

Jeannie's Cottage LLC carries a variety of plush toy Prairie Dogs. The Prairie Dog stuffed animals are made by Douglas Cuddle Toys and Wildlife Artists new Eco Pals Prairie Dog. We also have a Prairie Dog made by Ganz. 


The Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys Iudovicianus) is the only prairie dog with a black-tipped tail. It is 15 inches tall and weighs between 32 and 48 ounces. It is generally active during the day and in summer is active in the mornings and evenings. In winter or cold spells, the black-tailed prairie dog sticks to its burrow until it is able to venture out.

A prairie dogs diet consists of a variety of grasses. It may also, on occasion, eat insects.

Prairie dogs live in large groups or towns consisting of thousands of members. The towns are divided up into smaller territories called wards. A family unit consists of one male, a number of females and their young. Prairie dogs are very social animals and exhibit a number of behaviors indicating this, including touching noses and grooming one another. They are very vocal and have a number of calls.

Their burrows are extensive and include a number of different chambers, some for nesting, and even one for bathroom duties. Prairie dogs stay close to their burrows and will sit on their haunches scanning for danger.

Prairie dogs mate in February or March and produce a litter of about 4 or 5. The gestation period is about 30 days.

The average life span is from 7 to 8 years. Predators include the Black-footed ferret, foxes, badgers, bobcats, coyotes, hawks, eagles and snakes.

The range is in the Great Plains region of the United States from eastern Montana and southwest North Dakota south into parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

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 Adventure Planet Heirloom Prairie Dog 
 Adventure Planet Heirloom Prairie Dog 
More info Buy Now
Current Stock: 5 

 Cuddlekins Prairie Dog 12" Stuffed Animal 
 Cuddlekins Prairie Dog 12" Stuffed Animal 
More info Buy Now
Current Stock: 2 

 Marmot Plush Keychain 
 Marmot Plush Keychain 
More info Buy Now
Current Stock: 7 

 Prairie Dog Digger Plush Toy Douglas 
 Prairie Dog Digger Plush Toy Douglas 
More info Buy Now
Current Stock: 4 

 Prairie Dog Eco Pal Stuffed Animal Plush Toy 
 Prairie Dog Eco Pal Stuffed Animal Plush Toy 
More info Buy Now
Current Stock: 4 
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01.Marmot Plush Keychain
02.Prairie Dog Eco Pal Stuffed Animal Plush Toy
03.Adventure Planet Heirloom Prairie Dog
04.Cuddlekins Prairie Dog 12" Stuffed Animal
05.Prairie Dog Digger Plush Toy Douglas
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